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The Smithtown School District recently sent out a mailer to each district resident mentioning their intention to move forward through the crisis our country finds itself in.  Among other things that most of us wouldn’t disagree with, were the quite distinct calls to advance a school atmosphere of “inclusion” and “equality” while addressing “social” and “emotional” health needs.

While the sentiment of this mission is undoubtedly altruistic, we are right in remembering the axiom…”the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”  How does Smithtown or any of the 700+ public school districts carry out this mission where the State Ed Dept and the US Dept of Education have established curriculums that are in almost complete opposition to the core values of the our founding fathers, Judeo-Christian ethics, and the spirit of our capitalistic republic.

That is right, your local school district is not a friend to the traditional USA that brought about so much truth, liberty, prosperity and justice into our country and world.  Our schools claim to be neutral; but are clearly institutions of left-wing politics and a naturalistic/materialistic worldview.  Let’s remember that neutrality is impossible when it comes to worldview/philosophy,  and any casual examination into the curriculums, textbooks, class-notes, clubs and school district statements about worldview issues reveal a left-wing, socialistic bias that is no longer camouflaged, but held out in the wide open view of the public.

It is our tax dollars that support the public-school systems.  The board of education is elected by the people who pay these taxes.  Yes, we the people are ultimately in control of our schools…what are we going to do about these schools taking our country into a left-wing direction?



Things you can to do to change our public schools


  1. Get informed as to the curriculum's and extra-curricular clubs/activities and the textbooks/books/worksheets/notes/magazines/videos/online materials that your district is using for instruction.

  2. Get informed as to what “social” or “emotional” well-being or health programs it is conducting.Especially be on the lookout for the “YES” program or other “wellness” type breathing programs, which are just yoga/Hindu exercises.

  3. Speak to teachers and ask for their notes and inquire as to exactly what do they do in the classroom.

  4. Go to Board of Education meetings with specific questions as to curriculum, and what materials/textbooks, etc. are being purchased.

  5. Ask the Board of Education for a detailed list of Dept. chairpersons and contact the chairpersons as to more specific questions about curriculum--pay specific attention to the Social Studies, English and Science curriculums.  Make sure that any controversial aspect of these curriculums covers both sides of the debate.

  6. Ask you child’s principal if you can follow your child through a day in their school (unannounced).

  7. Advocate to your children’s principal for a return of the a moment of silence in the morning, creation science to be taught alongside of evolution in the Science and Social Studies curriculums, Logic/Philosophy classes, Bible as Literature or Bible as History classes in your child’s school.

  8. Consider running for a school board seat or another political office, no matter how insignificant you think it is.

  9. Pray for “school choice” to succeed in the USA, that the monopoly of public education be broken once for all!

Click on PDF to download shareable position statement
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